Raveen is a born leader and through his community work has become humanitarian and community leader. He believes in actions speak louder than words. Most of his talks are inspired by his own experiences and experiences of his idols. His talks are typically a blend of leadership which embraces humility, social responsibility, adversity, diversity and business ethics. His belief of ‘Leader should learn to bleed before he dares to lead’ is more relevant in today’s globally connected world and comes out beautifully in his talks.

- Leadership

While this is to motivate leaders, it covers essential traits of humility, refining the art of listening, innovative ways to improve involvement and accept change. How to transform the team into a cohesive group. How to draw and inspire employees to reach their potential How can a leader be a friend, mentor, coach and guide. How to make leadership a habit.

- Social Responsibility

How to be a good corporate citizen which is essential for small business who just don’t want to be Successful- But Significant contributors in their neighborhood. Treating customers and community as an integral part with empathy, compassion, respect and dignity.

- Business Ethics

How ethical practices plays a very important role in the success of an enterprise-strategic, altruistic and basic honesty and truth in conducting business.

- Call to Service

Making giving and sharing/philanthropy part of the business plan.

- Humility as in Humanitarian(Think Human)-

Basic steps of talking, listening and connecting.

- American Dream-pursuit by minorities