Resolve to give

April 20, 2016

My resolution during this season for sharing; Make giving a habit. In fact make it a lifestyle.Because what we do for ourselves will end with us, but what is done for others will outlive us. I give not because i have to-i give because i want to…… Share This:

2016 Resolution-Acceptance

My new year resolution to inspire prospective leaders: Accept myself. Look at my blind spots daily in front of the mirror. Try to turn the mirror into a window………. Share This:

Camera of Life

Please allow me to share my thoughts about Life. This is what i am going to treat the New Year: Life is like a Camera…Focus on what is important… Will capture the good times……Develop the negatives and if things do not turn out as expected TAKE ANOTHER SHOT! Share This:

Happy “DO”Year

New year resolutions come and go. Instead of wishing Happy new Year-Why not wish-happy’ Do’ year. I am starting with tonight. Our group of 60 has resolved to cut back on the last drink/cocktail and give that money to the homeless. It is a small drop-but humanity is an Ocean-every little drop counts and matters.…

Leave footprints

My thought for leaders: Please draw a road map-know, show and go the way with your team. Failures will only be a bend on the road-not an end of the road. Inspire and nurture your team along the way. Leave your legacy with footprints and not Finger prints. Share This:

Have Vs Want

I live by the following: I give not because i have to……….Because I want to I wake up humble not because I have to…….I want to I am kind not because I have to………………..I want to If only we could understand our haves and wants………..? Share This:

Life-What is Important?

My humble thought of the day-inspired by great Indian poet Tagore; I did not understand this when i was younger and now 68 years later I find it to be so meaningful. My take- When I was little and in my sleep i would dream that life was a huge JOY But when i woke…


My 2 cents for the day: This keeps me going daily. Don’t dwell in the past-when you touch the past it feels like a stone, if you touch the present-it feels as fragile as a flower, But if you want to touch the future-then PLEASE touch a LIFE If you think it makes sense then…

Minority Success

I am humbled and honored to share that as a follow up to our Spirit of Enterprise Award I am being interviewed live by Money Radio on Tuesday the 26th January at 6.50 am Arizona time. I am talking about Minority Business Success. Share This:

Be the First………

Thought for today; If you can- Be the First to Apologize-people will consider you brave Be the First to Forgive-You will be considered strong But Be the First to Forget-You will be uplifted and find happiness. Apologizing, Forgiving, Forgetting are not the signs of Weakness but Greatness! Share This:


Today’s thought: My advice to my kids: To be extraordinary- Don’t settle with your present situation-its only a starting point-not the finishing line-go the extra mile-as its never crowded. Don’t lewt, negativity, pain or pain swallow you. A strong frame of mind will get you through the toughest situations if you embrace joy, gratitude, discipline,…

Still time to learn

Today’s nugget: To wannabe leaders. Don’t learn Methods only-as chances are-you might get stuck but if you learn Principles-you will always be able to find your own Methods…. Share This:


Today’s thought for wannabe leaders: You must first learn to Bleed for your People before You dare to Lead and command respect. Share This: